Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself to you!  About 24 years ago, I was a Junior in college, a young woman desperately trying to follow the path God wanted me on, often failing miserably along the way, and surprisingly falling in love with a young man with gorgeous blue eyes.  After graduation a year and a half later, I married that blue-eyed man and began the roller coaster journey of my life, as we headed to a Bible College for him to fulfill his calling to ministry. 


That journey began less than a month after we got married with a weekend ministry 70 miles away from the college and continues today over 20 years later in rural Indiana.  It is a ride I never imagined taking.  Ministry has brought amazing highs that have stolen my breath away as well as sudden drops, twists and turns that have left knots in the pit of my stomach.  Unexpected changes have caught me off guard, and the speed at which life has flown by some days causes my heart to race.


With the grace of God, we have so far managed to not completely destroy our two teenage daughters.  I have found myself teaching 3rd Grade, doing secretarial work, selling retail clothing, driving a Mary Kay Pink Cadillac, leading a children's ministry, and heading up my own custom framing business in the attempt to "balance" life as a woman, wife and mother.


At the end of the day though, I find that I am simply a woman now in my 40's, desperately trying to follow the path God wants me on, often failing miserably along the way, and surprisingly, falling in love (most days) with that gorgeous blue-eyed man all over again.


I've learned many things in my 40+ years, but this roller coaster journey has taught me that true wisdom has only come from the Word of God and intimate relationship with Jesus.  Sharing some of these insights is a passion The Lord has burned in my heart. Thank you for allowing me to share into your life.


For those of you who are pastor's wives, I have a special aching-spot in my heart for you.  Living in the fishbowl is tough work, which only those of us in the bowl can really understand.  So I've dedicated a special section of this site just for you!