To my sister PW's:

This page has a single purpose-to encourage you. Whether that is through the resource links, the words of this blog, or just finding that you are not alone, only God knows. I realize that each of us is like a fingerprint: We are unique in our church situations, talents, marriage relationships, personality styles, age of our children if any, and the hurts and triumphs that we have endured through ministry. So this blog is not intended to be the answer to all of our questions. It is simply my personal journey through more than 20 years of ministry life and the lessons The Lord has taught me along the way. My prayer is that you might find what you need to steadfastly continue to leave the fingerprints of Jesus on the people in your own life.




To the non-PW's reading this:

(and yes, I know that some of you are!) Please know that what you find here may or may not reflect what your own Pastor's Wife thinks and feels. But I hope that if you decide to spend time here, you may come to discover that we are a very unique mission field of our own. And the best way you can minister to your own PW is to simply be a sincere friend and confidant, a place where she is safe to be herself.

If this is your first time visiting the Pastor's Wives Only page, please

read THIS BLOG first to find out more about what you will find here!

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