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No More Excuses

You can only stand at the edge so long. At some point, either you have to jump in completely or turn around and go home. I am literally there.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of seven years ago, God asked me to teach a class about women in the Bible—so I did.

Awhile later He asked me to write about it –so I did for several years.

As my passion to teach and study grew, I felt led to move my ministry online through a website about two years ago—so I did, or at least I tried. At this point (the closer I got to the edge) it started to get more complicated. The site didn’t function as it was supposed to so the designer and I parted ways. Left to my own non-existent information and ability regarding websites, I began the long process of creating one myself. Programming, design, fonts, colors, making photos web-friendly, setting up other social media, etc. All these became stumbling blocks or excuses that I willingly used to slow down getting to the edge. If you’ve talked to me, I have been “almost ready” for a looooong time.

But now I’m at the edge.

There are no more excuses. Everything is ready, and hopefully, mostly functional. The only thing stopping me now is the fear I feel hammering in my chest. But this is what I know….

“Perfect LOVE drives out fear….” (1 John 4:18 partial) and

“…God IS love” (1 John 4:8 partial)

Therefore, it’s not me who has to overcome my fear. I don’t have to jump into the fear. I just have to jump into the perfect love who is God.

It’s okay to be afraid. That’s being human. But stepping out even when you’re afraid? That’s being faithful. And that’s hard sometimes!! Even with 20 years in ministry, this particular journey has been a real journey of faith for me, and I look so forward to sharing it with you!

#obedience #encouragement #fear #faith

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