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When God called me years ago to start ministering to women, the first Biblical woman I ever studied in depth to teach about was known primarily for being a mom. That was pretty fitting, since for the last 16 years of my 21 years of marriage, I have spent most of my time orbiting around the demands of motherhood. Let me just say there have been plenty of failures to go along with the parts that I pray have been successes. But isn’t it comforting when you come to find out just how many people in God’s Word messed up pretty badly themselves?

When our oldest daughter Reagan was an infant, we only had one car seat that we would switch from my minivan to Ryan’s truck when needed. One spring day when Reagan was about 4 months old, we headed out to the church in the mom-mobile to meet Ryan for lunch. The trip was only about 5 miles long, but like a good mom I made sure to get that 5-point harness securely fastened, to the point that where should Reagan need to sneeze, it might actually be a bit difficult. Better safe than sorry though!

About halfway to the church was one of those big curves in the road. It’s not sharp, it’s just large. Well to my horror, as we rounded that curve I glanced in the rearview mirror, safely directed at my precious child I might add, to see Reagan’s car seat rock sideways completely off of the van seat, flipping upside down between the seat and the door with her dangling securely from her 5-point harness!

I slammed on the brakes, gasping as I realized that when Ryan returned the car seat from his truck to my van, he did not anchor it to the van seat. In his defense, since I always griped that he never got it tight enough to my satisfaction, I’m sure he was just leaving it for Miss Independent to do herself.

Thankfully Reagan was fine, just a little scared. In fact, I’m sure that I was more shook up than she was. But I realized in that experience a much larger lesson. While small groups, Sunday School, accountability partners and the like are all wonderful things that truly can help us grow in our Christian walk, we have to be very careful. Because in reality, they are completely worthless if we find our lives flipped end over end and have never been anchored to the Lord Jesus Christ, our true and solid Rock.

It has broken my heart more than once to see a new believer get so excited about church and the groups or activities he or she becomes involved in, and then fall so very far away from it all when life tosses them upside down. They never anchored to the Rock. "The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer, my God, my mountain where I seek refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold." (Psalm 18:2 HCSB)

So absolutely get involved with other Christians and allow iron to sharpen iron (Proverbs 27:17), but always be certain that you are anchored to the One who is steadfast and sure even in the midst of our tossed about lives. He is the only solid ground we can build our lives upon.

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