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Four Letter Word

I’m constantly convicted about the busyness of our schedules. It seems like every day there is a mile-long list of things to do on top of getting everyone to where they need to be. Even with my oldest daughter driving now, I still find myself doing dishes or working on projects close to midnight. People tease our family about having a suppertime anywhere from 7-9pm (even later in the summer). There are just NEVER enough hours in the day! But really, what is so important that I’m doing? I mean, it’s not like I’m creating the world or anything!

And that’s exactly where I got convicted--the Creation Story. Of all places to hit a roadblock already, and I’m only five verses into Genesis. There it was again only three verses later. And then again five verses after that. And it kept going. I kept finding that the Word would say, “there was evening, and there was morning--the (first, second, third,...) day.”

That got me thinking. And questioning--which always gets me into trouble. I found that most Hebrew translators agree that “evening” generally refers to sunset or twilight, while “morning” refers to sunrise or daybreak. So does that mean that God not only RESTED on the seventh day (something that many of us truly fail to do), He also FINISHED HIS WORK by sunset each of the other six days and did not begin working again until sunrise?

Talk about an over-achiever! Yes, yes, yes, I KNOW, it’s GOD. But seriously, the point is well-taken. We do nothing NEAR the importance of Creation (at least I don’t), yet somehow I feel that what I am doing is so important that I just don’t have time to stop and rest. In fact, resting is almost a dirty word in our culture.

Gone, or almost, are the days of sitting on the porch at sunset and watching the colors spread across the western sky. And all too often, we find ourselves slapping the snooze button hours before the sun is even considering showing up. Yet when I think about my grandparents’ generation, who truly lived more along those hours of working, they were the GREATEST, most productive generation in our country in my eyes.

So maybe it’s about time that I bring out the lawn chair, dust it off, and start using some of those old four-letter words like R-E-S-T.

I know I need it. And I’ll bet you do too!

#encouragement #peace

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